Get rid of self-destructive thoughts forever

When negative thoughts creep into your head, can you recognize when they are self-destructive thoughts? If you're anything like most people, then you may even discourage yourself with negative self-talk. Be careful of these destructive processes! It is more difficult to overcome your own negative self-talk.

Are you giving yourself these troubled messages? There is a suggestion for banishing the thoughts for good after each example below:

1. No one understands me. If this feeling applies to you, examine how you have many close friends, family members, and co-workers – and yet, you feel no one “gets” you.

· Ensure that everyone involved in the situation knows how you feel. If you share your thoughts with them appropriately, you gain a sense of confidence in your self-expression, which soothes the negative thoughts.

2 . I do not have enough time to (fill in your own details) (go after my dreams, get healthy, indulge in my beloved hobbies, or do other things). If you only have time for stuff you have to do, living isn’t enjoyable.

· Work towards attaining a healthy balance in your life. Spend time on activities that make you happy. Fit your favorite activities into your hectic day.

· Make sure to schedule just 15 minutes for yourself if necessary.

· When you take control of your plan, you will feel motivated to complete the tasks you need.

3. I don’t deserve to have a happy life. Perhaps past choices caused your psychological pain. You beat yourself up emotionally over those decisions. However, if those choices were poor ones, you learned not to repeat them in the future.

· Congratulate yourself on gaining new knowledge because of your mistakes. This insight can be put to use moving forward.

· Confront this type of thinking by saying, “No, this thought isn’t right. I do deserve to have a happy life. After all, I learn well from my mistakes.”

4. I never see things working out for me. This kind of general statement affects how you feel about yourself. It sends a subtle self-massage: “I am not good enough.”

· In reality, you probably do many things well.Take some time now and jot down what you do well. You may also be concentrating too much on what doesn't work out well and barely noticing what you are doing right.

5. If it cannot be done perfectly, then I refuse to do it at all. It’s fair to say you wish to do your best, but how will you try something new if it has to be done perfectly? Thinking this way will prevent you from venturing out of your comfort zone.

· Try adopting a new mantra to focus on: “If at first, I fail, I will keep trying until I succeed.”

· Allow yourself the opportunity to make mistakes. Remind yourself that making a mistake is a real learning experience you can benefit from; optimistically embrace your errors.

6. I’m afraid to do the things I want to do. What are you specifically fearful of? The source of your fears could likely be an embarrassment, failure, or what others will think. In reality, it’s healthy to have a certain amount of fear when embarking upon something new or unknown.

The critical thing is that even if you are afraid, do whatever you want to do anyway. Otherwise, you will never have any idea what could happen if you follow through with your hopes and dreams.

When negative thoughts begin to creep into your mind, squash them with the helpful suggestions above. Free yourself from your self-destructive thoughts forever and live a life filled with joy and serenity; it is essential for your health.

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